How Great a Love – Poem
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Beloved, See! This love flows down on you,
It pours like rain and soaks you through and through.
And as you peer upon the Three-In-One,
The Father calls out, “My adopted son.”
In Christ, our lives now hid and crucified,
And quickened by His Spirit, made alive.
It is because of this the world now stunned,
Stands wond’ring who we are and what we’ve done.
For since they knew not Christ, nor pow’r thereof,
They know not he whose birth is from above.
Look now, we are the children of the King,
And it’s not clear yet what we soon shall be,
But we know that when Jesus Christ is seen,
We will be as he is and as he’s been,
That darkened glass which veiled our eyes before,
Will then be shattered shards upon the floor.
Are your feet firmly planted in this truth?
Have you allowed your soul to, here, take root?
Have confidence, my son, in this be sure,
But stay, and as he is, he’ll make you pure.

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Thoughts from Canaan by teslathemes
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