TfC Podcast Episode Zero – Who We Are & What We Do
Thoughts from Canaan Podcast

Welcome to the Thoughts from Canaan podcast!


In this episode, I introduce myself and the podcast. The goal of this podcast will be to share thoughts on and resources for the Christian life. We want to help you grow in knowledge and in grace. If you’d like to learn more about our vision, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll receive a free copy of our booklet, ‘A Disciple’s Manifesto.’

One of the reasons I’m so excited for this podcast is because it gives me the opportunity to bring other voices into the Thoughts from Canaan community. Later this month, I’ll be sharing an interview with Pastor Brian Bridges from Chavies, KY. We’ll be talking about humor and the Christian life. And next month, you’ll get to hear an interview I had last year with Pastor Daniel Fulton about the discipline of silence.

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Thoughts from Canaan by teslathemes
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