TfC Podcast Episode One – Thinking Theologically
Thoughts from Canaan Podcast

TfC Podcast Episode One – Thinking Theologically!

In this episode, we discuss the importance of thinking theologically. Whether we realize it or not, everyone is a theologian. We all have beliefs about God, humanity, right, wrong, the afterlife, etc. Unfortunately, too many people never really consider how to think about these things rightly. In other words, they’ve never learned the value of thinking theologically.

In this episode, we cover four sources of our theology: scripture, tradition, experience, and reason. If used carefully, these four things can help us to think correctly about God, creation, and our place in it.

How can we better think theologically?

  1. We need to recognize that we have an embedded theology whether we realize it or not.
  2. We need to pray for God’s leading.
  3. We need to drown ourselves in scripture.
  4. We need to become part of and think alongside of a Christian community.
  5. We need to proactively live out our beliefs.

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