TfC – Daily Buffet – 1/4/17
TFC - Daily Buffet

I’ve been out of town since Christmas which means I can’t upload this week’s ‘Mining the Word.’ So instead, check out some of these stories from around the internet!

Good afternoon friends!

The TfC Daily Buffet serves up some of the best articles, videos, and podcasts of the day so you don’t have to spend hours scouring through the garbage to get to the good stuff. Have something you’d like to see on a future menu? Send us a link and we’ll consider it!

1. ‘The National Geographic Transgender Cover Champions Child Abuse And Junk Science‘ – The Federalist put out a great article from a former transgender person who critiques and criticizes NatGeo’s recent decision to feature a young transgender person on its cover. Though transgenderism is the current cause célèbre, the underlying logic behind it is absurd, even self-defeating. Nevertheless, Christians need to read up on this issue and begin thinking seriously about it. It isn’t going away any time soon

2. ‘Seven Fascinating Discoveries Israeli Archaeologists Made in 2016‘ – I saw a video earlier today from a former pastor who claimed that everyone in the Bible was fictional. This is an absurd claim considering the amount of archaeological and historical evidence we have for a wide range of Biblical characters. Here is an article that covers 7 recent archaeological discoveries that confirm the Bible’s narrative.

3. ‘Rogue One and the Return of Reverence‘ – If you’re a Star Wars nerd like myself, you’ll enjoy reading this First Things article that explores the way the Force has regained its mystical nature in the two most recent films. The author uses these ideas to make some excellent points about humanity’s search for transcendence.

4. ‘Dr. Michael Brown Exegetes John 6:37-44‘ – This is a passage that Calvinists often turn to as they argue for irresistible grace. Dr. Michael Brown explains this passage from an Arminian perspective. If you’re unfamiliar with Arminian theology or think that Arminianism can’t be backed up by scripture, I’d recommend giving this a listen.

5. ‘Dr. Craig Keener’s Introduction to Acts‘ – Dr. Keener has started to provide a series of free videos that examines the book of Acts. If you’re interested in studying or reading through Acts, this would be a great place to start.

6. ‘The Church’s Delicate Relationship to the World‘ – “The church is often tempted to appease the world by toning down its distinctiveness. In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Ryan Danker encourages the church to remain faithful by preaching an authentic gospel of holy love.”

7. ‘A Quick Course in Rational Thought (and Persuasive Argument): “Thought 101”‘ – A wonderful – albeit long – article that deals with how to think logically. I wish more people who get in Facebook debates would take a day to read this one.

7. Kindle Deals:

Bon Appétit!

Hopefully this will keep you filled up for a little bit. And remember, if you’ve seen an article, video, or podcast – or if you’ve been reading a really good book – that you think we ought to add to the menu, comment below and we’ll see about putting it on.

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