TfC – Daily Buffet – 11/8/16
TFC - Daily Buffet

Good afternoon friends!

The TfC Daily Buffet serves up some of the best articles, videos, and podcasts of the day so you don’t have to spend hours scouring through the garbage to get to the good stuff. Have something you’d like to see on a future menu? Send us a link and we’ll consider it!

Today’s Menu

1. ‘6 Reasons Congregational Singing is Waning‘ – Over at 9Marks, Thom Rainer’s article on congregational singing has been reposted. If you didn’t catch it the first go-round, this is a great chance to check it out. I believe this is a huge issue right now in many churches and it’s something that church leaders need to address. Singing-as-worship is not a performance for the few talented people in your congregation. It’s something the body does together.

2. Christians Should Consider a Political Posture of Silence – If there was ever a day to read this article, it’s today – Election Day 2016. While the rest of the world is huffing, puffing, arguing, and fighting, I pray that we, as Christians, will allow our faith, hope, and love to shine through.

3. The Friday Files – The Society of Evangelical Arminians apparently has a list of some of the best recent articles/posts from non-Calvinists. Don’t miss last friday’s list. There’s some good stuff there.

4. ‘2 Chronicles 7:14 Isn’t About American Politics‘ – If you haven’t been reading Russell Moore, you need to be. This is an especially appropriate post for today.

5. ‘Seven Ways to Pray on Election Day‘ – Is there any better response to the chaos of election day than prayer? No. The answer is no. This Desiring God article will give you seven great ways to begin praying today. But don’t stop today. Keep on going. We need it.

Bon Appétit!

Hopefully this will keep you filled up until tomorrow. And remember, if you’ve seen an article, video, or podcast – or if you’ve been reading a really good book – that you think we ought to add to the menu, comment below and we’ll see about putting it on.

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