TfC – Daily Buffet – 11/4/16
TFC - Daily Buffet

Good afternoon friends!

The TfC Daily Buffet serves up some of the best articles, videos, and podcasts of the day so you don’t have to spend hours scouring through the garbage to get to the good stuff. Have something you’d like to see on a future menu? Send us a link and we’ll consider it!

Today’s Menu

1. ‘Is Evangelical Christianity Becoming More Open to Gay Marriage?‘ – Denny Burk, a professor at Boyce College, argues that those ‘evangelicals’ who are accepting distorted views of sexuality are, in fact, the evidence of a winnowing that’s taking place within Christianity. The chaff will blow with the times and head off in their own direction (like the ’emergents’ did several years ago) while those who remain faithful to orthodox Christianity will be left to continue doing what we do: working together with God, to build his Kingdom.

2. On the same subject as the article above, Ed Stetzer’s article ‘Evangelicals Across the Spectrum are Clarifying Marriage as a Core Belief‘ is definitely worth a read if you missed it. Stetzer rightly argues that we cannot ‘agree to disagree’ on the issues of marriage and human sexuality.

3. In ‘Everybody Row, Or We’re Going Over The Falls‘, Orthodox author Rod Dreher presents a piece of reader mail that’s worth reading for everyone concerned about the culture. Christians, we can no longer depend on politics to help us. Politics has its place but if we all aren’t working, in our own communities and in our own ways, we will continue to fail. In the same vein, I’d recommend reading Dreher’s three year old post, ‘Benedict Option‘ for a better understanding of his vision for Christian renewal.

4. ‘However You Vote, Do It With Joy‘ – With the election less than a week away, Joel Landis and Timothy Taylor paint a more robust picture of voting than just ‘winning.’ I don’t know that I agree with all of their conclusions but I think we desperately need to see the act of voting as something bigger than what we have.

5. ‘The Lazarus of Parable Fame and the James of Jesus Fame‘ – Ben Witherington III notes an article Philip Jenkins wrote about the possible connection between James and Luke. Nothing earth-shattering but an interesting connection nonetheless.

6. ‘Leaving vs. Going: When Churches Struggle Through Local Missions‘ – Kelly Soifer has an interesting take on how most church people view foreign missions and local missions differently. But should we?

Bon Appétit!

Hopefully this will keep you filled up until tomorrow. And remember, if you’ve seen an article, video, or podcast – or if you’ve been reading a really good book – that you think we ought to add to the menu, comment below and we’ll see about putting it on.

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