A Couple of Thoughts on Intercessory Prayer from Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray On Intercessory Prayer

When I first came to Christ, Andrew Murray on Prayer was the first book I read (outside of the Bible). Throughout it, he pounded into my head the idea that Christianity is rooted in a relationship with God.

It might be cliched to say it but it changed my life.

I’ve been reading Andrew Murray‘s book, The Practice Of God’s Presence, for the past week or so. If you’ve never read anything by him, I can’t recommend him enough. This morning, I came across this quote on intercessory prayer and knew I had to share it. So here it is. Read slowly.

Excerpt From The Power of the Blood of Jesus, Chapter 6

The ministry of intercession is one of the highest privileges of the child of God. It does not mean. that in this ministry we, having ascertained that Chere is a need in the world, or in some particular person, pour out our wishes in prayer to God, asking for the necessary supply. That is good, so far as it goes, and brings a blessing with it. But the peculiar ministry of intercession is something more wonderful than that, and finds its power in “the prayer of faith.” This “prayer of faith” is a different thing from the outpouring of our wishes to God, and leaving them with Him.

In the true “prayer of faith” the intercessor must spend time with God to appropriate the promises of His word, and must permit himself to be taught by the Holy Spirit, whether the promises can be applied to this particular case. He takes upon himself, as a burden, the sin and need which are the subject of prayer, and lays fast hold of the promise concerning it, as though it were for himself. He remains in the presence of God, till God, by His Spirit, awakens the faith that in this matter the prayer has been heard.

In this way parents sometimes pray for their children; ministers for their congregations; labourers in God’s vineyard for the souls committed to them; till they know that their prayer is heard. It is the blood, that by its power of bringing us near to God, bestows such wonderful liberty to pray until the answer is obtained. Oh! if we understood more perfectly what it really means to dwell in the presence of God, we should manifest more power in the exercise of our holy priesthood.

What did you think?

I read this after praying through my prayer-list and was immediately struck by how weak my prayers had been. Just leave it to ol’ Andrew to deliver some much needed conviction.

What did you think of Andrew Murray’s description of intercessory prayer? Did it hit you like it did me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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