Bible Verse of the Day – April 14, 2017 – Mark 15:20
Bible Verse of the Day - April 14, 2017 - Mark 15:20

Bible Verse of the Day – April 14, 2017

“After mocking him, they stripped him of the purple cloak and put his own clothes on him. Then they led him out to crucify him.” – Mark 15:20 NRSV

Ancient Commentary

“He who has given the food of heaven was fed with gall; he who has offered us the cup of salvation was given vinegar to drink. He the innocent, he the just, nay rather, innocence itself and justice itself is counted among criminals, and the truth is concealed by false testimonies. He who is to judge is judged and the Word of God, silent, is led to the cross. The elements are disturbed, the earth trembles, night blots out the day, ‘the sun withdraws both its rays’ and its eyes lest it be forced to gaze upon the crime of the people. Though the stars are confounded at the crucifixion of the Lord, he does not speak, nor is he moved, nor does he proclaim his majesty, even during the suffering itself. He endures all things even to the end with constant perseverance so that in Christ a full and perfect patience may find its realization.” – Cyprian

Cyprian Quote on Mark 15:20

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