Why are you a Christian?

Bertrand Russell, author of 'Why I Am Not a Christian'

Bertrand Russell, author of ‘Why I Am Not a Christian’

In 1927, the mathematician/philosopher Bertrand Russell gave a speech entitled, ‘Why I Am Not a Christian.’  That speech would eventually give its name to a book that included the original speech along with several other essays that touched on similar themes.  Russell’s case for unbelief was obviously one borne out of much thought and reflection.  It’s to their shame that many Christians’ don’t bother giving the reasons for their faith more of the same.

Inspired by Russell’s book, the Anglican minister, John Stott, preached several sermons on the reasons he believed which were eventually compiled into a short book entitled, appropriately enough, ‘Why I Am a Christian.’  It’s a short book, not even 150 pages, and yet Stott uses those pages to build a solid foundation for a belief in the God of the Bible.  He’s obviously given much thought to the question, “Why are you a Christian?”

51775As I read through Stott’s book, I was faced with the same question: Why am I a Christian?  It’s one that many Christians don’t even approach.  Many secularists would attribute it solely to the geographical place of my birth or my family or any number of other variables beyond my control.  Yet, there are Christians all over the world and there are plenty of religious families which produce nonreligious children (and vice versa).  Geography and history are not enough to explain why I am a Christian.

I was going to write some more about some of the points that Stott made which especially resonated with me but I think I’m going to reflect on the subject a little more.  In the meantime, I’d encourage you to do the same.  Why are you a Christian?

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